“A pair of underwear deserves the same respect as a shirt, if not more”

/Kim, founder.




Our vision is simple: A sophisticated and classic, timeless boxer brief with an unbeatable comfort and high quality, to a fair price.

But it’s simple to have a vision, to make it reality requires a lot of work. It has taken us more than 5 years to get to where we are today. On the way we have tried an endless number of fittings, fabrics, partners and producers. We thought about quitting multiple times (more than we will ever admit), and instead focus on something with a quick turnover.\r\n

But now we are here. We feel that we finally made our vision a reality and it has been worth every second of our hard work. Because now Kim Denzler is what we always wanted it to be: the most comfortable, great looking and durable underwear you will ever wear, and all that to a fair price. Put simple, it’s the perfect underwear.