Kim Denzler´s smart engineering creates the perfect fit. Our underwear stays where they are supposed to. The comfort is fantastic and you will forget that you ever put them on. This isn´t rocket science, only great design.


Kim Denzler designs classy yet personal underwear. The unique pattern and original color scheme gives an accurate combination of elegance and playfulness. Perfect for the modern man who is looking for a high quality product that creates space for their own individual style.


Kim Denzler´s underwear is made from the finest, long stapled cotton. This together with some carefully selected treatments to the fabric and our unique construction, secures a great over-all-quality. This is a garment that can be washed over and over again.


“A nice brief with amazing comfort,
and a fine cut”.

QX Magazine

“This brief should exist in every mans wardrobe.
Works under all pants.”

TV4 News (Swedish national TV)

“New brand with focus on
quality and comfort.”

King Magazine

“So comfortable that you forget
you´re wearing it.”

Plaza Magazine


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So, how great are our briefs?


We are very happy and proud of the feedback our customers provide us, via email and social media. We get confirmation that what we do is good, through their genuine appriciation and comments. During the ten years that Kim Denzler has existed, we have focused on customer satisfaction and product development to create the world’s most comfortable underwear. We believe we have succeeded!

“The world greatest brief. Have been searching a long time for a brief that works, both in quality, fit and design. I finally found it. Thanks!”

Andreas Hansson

“Hi Kim Denzler! I just received my briefs and I felt that I just had to email you. It is seriously the best brief I have ever tried! Wow! Keep up the good work! :)”

Henry Jacobs

“Thanks Kim Denzler for a very fine looking brief. I found you when I was searching for a christmas gift to my husband two years ago and since then it is only Kim Denzler that works. Nice work!”

Jennie Lorenz

“Hi! Searched everywhere! Bought my first three-pack four month ago. Love em! The only problem is my girlfriend is stealing them. Please mr Kim Denzler, make some for her.  Sincerely”

Mattias Lund

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